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The Area

The Brinkhotel is within reach of the cities Assen and Groningen. These northern cities with their many attractions are well worth a visit. View the collection at the Drents Museum in Assen, or climb the Martinitoren bell tower in Groningen.

Naturally, our hotel offers a wonderful base for discovering the beautiful surroundings by bicycle. Or you could travel by car for a day out at Wildlands Zoo in Emmen. How about a visit to the dolmens, the town of Orvelte with its museums, the Seal Rehabilitation and Research Centre in Pieterburen, or the former peat colonies?

The Brinkhotel is close to the Zuidlaardermeer Lake and the Drentsche Aa River, declared the most beautiful countryside of the Netherlands!

We are also in the middle of De Hondsrug Geopark. The first Geopark in the Netherlands! An area with many intriguing stories about how it all began and with traces of these origins still to be found in the landscape.